Touhou example game

This is an example game page, used to demonstrate how to run a game of Microscope using the wiki. I've based it on an established canon (Touhou) so that I don't have to waste time coming up with original ideas for an example, but actual games of Microscope are supposed to be original.


Two worlds separate, and many generations later merge again.

Our starting period is the age of terror, when monsters roamed the world unimpeded.
Our end period is the age of collapse, when a world that has forgotten the creatures of legend sees them return.

We decided on the following Palette:
Things we want: Traditional Japanese flavor, Girls in frilly dresses, Supernatural beings and powers.
Do not want: Male characters in significant roles, American pop-culture references.

First pass: Beginning of Gensokyo (Star), Age of Trouble (Sunny), Imperishable Night Incident1 (Luna).


Sunny Milk2
Luna Child
ICQ: #123456789
Star Sapphire
(ssparkle on twitter)

Turn order

  1. Round 1
    1. Sunny (focus open): Focus on the Scarlet Devil Mansion and its inhabitants. Scarlet Mist Incident, Marisa infiltrates SDM library.
    2. Luna: Fairies of Light move to SDM for the winter
    3. Star: Sakuya negotiates with Kanako
    4. Sunny (focus close): Fairies of Light infiltrate SDM
    5. Star (legacy): Legacy: Marisa's acts of larceny. Marisa attempts to steal the Seven-Colored Grimoire
    6. Discussion
  2. Round 2
    1. Luna (focus open): Focus on the relationship between Marisa and Reimu. Immaterial and Missing Power, Party at Hakurei Shrine.
    2. Star: Reimu saves Marisa from Flandre
    3. Sunny <— CURRENT TURN
    4. Luna (focus close)
    5. Sunny (legacy)
    6. Discussion
  3. Round 3
    1. Star (focus open)
    2. Sunny
    3. Luna
    4. Star (focus close)
    5. Luna (legacy)
    6. Discussion


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