Legend of the Broken Moon

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A Human civilization copes with alien conquerors and the modernization they bring with them.

Our starting period is the Age of Liberty, when humans were left to their own devices.
Our end period is the Age of Equality, when humans were fully integrated into the conquering alien empire.

We decided on the following Palette:
Things we want: Reoccurring characters, Fantasy flavor (as opposed to sci-fi flavor), Clueless alien tourists, Single dominant imperial culture.
Do not want: Time travel.

First Pass: War for Humanity's Independence (guyb), The Invisible Invasion (the Nerubian), The Black Diaspora (Nnesk)


the Nerubian
Itamar Mushkin

Turn Order

  1. Round 1
    1. the Nerubian (focus open): Focus on the magic of man and its sources. Extinguishing Stars, (Only one event this time).
    2. Nnesk: A new kind of magicians arises as the invisible invasion continues The Rise of Demonology
    3. guyb: Alien gadgets and merchandise become popular among the high society A Fiend in Every Pocket
    4. the Nerubian (focus close): Mutual interactions between magicians and their sources of power . The Dried Out Land, The Shattering of the Moon.
    5. guyb (legacy): Legacy: the Hamano's greed and commercial interests. Plans for the Moon Observatory
    6. Discussion
  2. Round 2
    1. Nnesk (focus open): Focus on the Red Child: The birth of a red-haired child is considered an omen, and they usually become a person of great importance. Esh tribe dies out (Only one event)
    2. guyb: Kaja of Esh murders her husband
    3. the Nerubian: The Red Child's superiority. Attack on the Hamano Salium Headquarters
    4. Nnesk (focus close): A war surges between the different magical tribes; A cruel hero rises to power, and establishes the red-hair legacy War of Mountains and Valleys, Red Like Blood
    5. the Nerubian (legacy): Legacy: Ancient imperial space station. Hamano empire expand to the outer space
    6. Discussion
  3. Round 3
    1. guyb (focus open): Focus on Prince Nafnaf and his pets. Age of Peace, Prince Nafnaf visits Salium
    2. Itamar Mushkin: The Crystal Lizard of Soot Crater Stadium
    3. the Nerubian: Prince Faralan is crowned
    4. Nnesk: Humanity leaves Salium, accompanied by its trusty companion, the Shnooz. Departure
    5. guyb (focus close): Nafnaf's Generosity (only one scene).
    6. Nnesk (legacy): First Human in the Hamano Parliament Sakrum Svoyum Elected
    7. Discussion
  4. Round 4
    1. Itamar Mushkin (focus open) : Focus on the Uses and Effects of Magic (Just one scene). Murky Red
    2. the Nerubian: Hamano Magic. The Devilish Question
    3. Nnesk: Hamano society tries to cope with the presence of magic. The Forbiddence
    4. guyb: Mankind experiments with the interactions between magic and Hamano technology. The Provocation
    5. Itamar Mushkin (focus close): Mankind try to do magic in a new envoirment. Leaving the Nest, Crescent Tribe Surrenders
    6. guyb (legacy): Legacy: the Shnooz and their coexistence with mankind. Magic Slayer.
    7. Discussion
  5. Round 5
    1. the Nerubian (focus open): Focus on the fall of the Hamano Royal Throne and the rise of the Galactic Parliament. Open to All. (only one scene)
    2. Nnesk: The strange reign of Pafano the Magnificent Pafano the Magnificent
    3. guyb: An order is given to silence a prominent anti-imperialist blogger. Bring me the head of Rolf IV
    4. Itamar Mushkin: An old soldier demands compensation. Revolt on Nymga-3
    5. guyb (focus close): Hamano rebels recruit human mages to help overthrow the imperial government Alliance of Underdogs
    6. the Nerubian (legacy): Tarigen's Shocking Disgrace. <— CURRENT TURN
    7. Discussion


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